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UNO Card Game Makes Bold Claim, You've Been Playing It Wrong This Whole Time

Three men playing cards in an alcove

Uno is a card game of our childhood, and has been causing riffs between family members since 1971. 

But, in a bold move/recent tweet, it has corrected everyone on the official game rules. In one fell swoop it's flipped your game and opened up a can of worms no one wanted to open. 

If you're rusty on your Uno knowledge, it's the game where you try to get rid of your hand of cards before everyone else. The majority of the deck is just different numbered and coloured cards, however there are also action cards which can reverse the game's direction, change the colour of the card in play, skip the next person's turn or force opponents to pick up 2 or 4 cards. 

Now, house rules vary from time to time, it's only natural. Uno decided to drop an absolute bombshell on us by asserting that the official rules state a draw 4 card and a draw 2 card cannot be stacked - as in your cannot force the opponent to pick up 6. It's placing a draw 4 card and ending your turn, or nothing. Which is wild because I thought passing the buck and destroying your enemies/family as fast a possible was in the spirit of the game. 

Will this stop me from crushing my brothers in a not-so-friendly game of Uno? Absolutely not. But it is good to know in case someone tries to pull it on me.

Now we've gotton to the bottom of that, onto the next mystery - will I watch Veronica Mars or Detective Pikachu first? (Trick question, I'll watch both at the same time, effectively watching neither because I'm not good at multitasking). 

Photo: Powerhouse Museum via Flickr