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SA Government Plans To Privatise Adelaide Metro Trains and Trams


The South Australian Government has announced plans to privatise public transport services in Adelaide. 

The Government says it will release tenders to contract the operation of Adelaide Metro services.

Transport Minister, Stephan Knoll, said the public transport network was underperforming and "the results are quite clear – there is a lot of room for improvement."

Mr Knoll outlined a way to improve the current patronage levels: to look at privatising the transport network, which he predicts will provide a more efficient service. 

"We know that outsourcing of operations is increasingly a preferred business model for delivery of public transport services around the world."

The Labor Party has condemned the plans as a "broken promise", citing now-Premier, Steven Marshall, who denied his party had a "privatisation agenda" prior to the state election.

Adelaide bus services have been privatised since 2000, by then-Liberal premier, John Olsen. Trains and trams may expect a similar fate if the State Government's plans go ahead.  

Photo source: Vitaly Vlasov, Pexels