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Whyalla Country Singer-Songwriter, Jaylee Daniels, Nominated For SA Music Awards

Hailing from Whyalla, teenage singer-songwriter, Jaylee Daniels is making huge waves in the country music scene.

Jaylee’s first experience of the country genre was all thanks to her family, especially her supportive late grandfather, Rusty.

“He was a big influence in our family. He played the bones and spoons, as well as the guitar.”

Starting music lessons at the ripe age of 6, Jaylee has gone on to release her debut single, ‘Papa’s Song’, dedicated to Rusty.

“I love other artists like Slim Dusty and Carrie Underwood, but I’m inspired by my Papa. My music is based on what he really love[d] - traditional country.”

‘Papa’s Song’ is a cheerful tribute to her grandfather, and strikes the right tone of being both innovative and quintessentially country. Her sound evokes the joy of John Denver’s ‘Thank God I’m A Country Boy’, and the sincerity of Lady Antebellum’s ‘Ocean’.

“It’s fun and very boppy. It gets everybody involved.”

And what would Rusty think of the song?

“He would have loved being the centre of attention,” she laughs.

Since winning the Whyalla Recording Scholarship to record ‘Papa’s Song’, she has been nominated for the People’s Choice Country Artist in the SA Music Awards and cannot contain her excitement.

“Yeah, it’s huge. I don’t think I could put [the feeling] into words. [If I won] it would be an amazing opportunity.”

Ultimately her dream is to play at the Tamworth Country Music Festival, which doesn’t seem too far off the way she’s going!

If you’d like to catch a performance, Jaylee Daniels will be playing at Jamm for Genes next Thursday, 17th October at 6pm and towards the end of the year at Whyalla Carols In The Park (6pm on Sunday, 15th December).

If you’d like to vote for Jaylee for the SA Music Awards, you can here.

You can find Jaylee Daniels on Instagram and Spotify.