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Someone Check The ATO's Temperature Because It Gonna Return Your Money

Benjamin Franklin said it first, "There are only two certainties in life – death and taxes."

The Australian Taxation Office has also been known for taking more than it's fair share of the latter... *cough Robodebt cough*

However, in a very unusual turn of events, you may be seeing some cash being injected into your account from this Friday.

"Why?" You may be asking. 

It's all to do with lost or unclaim super in inactive super accounts. 

Due to recent changes in superannuation laws, an estimated 2.6 million Australians could be reunited with their lost super. 

Those with inactive super accounts, with balances less than $6000, can have that balance automatically transferred by the ATO in their current, active super account. 

If the balance is less than $200 it could go straight to your everyday bank account. 

If you're over 65, listen up! Regardless of the amount of loss super, yours will be transferred into your bank account.

Winner, winner, boujee chicken dinner! 

Just a little reminder that if you haven't already put your tax return in, it needs to be in by tomorrow! This period is extended, however, if you're going through a tax agent. For more info, please see the ATO website