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SA Gets Its Very First Wind Turbine (17 Years Ago)


Yesterday, we reported in NSW Drivers Licences becoming digital, and asked whether SA would be getting them any time soon. 

What a blunder. You were very observant and pointed out that SA did, in fact, have digital drivers licences. Not only that, but they've been around for about 2 years now. 

As a tribute you, here are a list of first for SA...

1. SA gets its very first wind turbine (17 years ago)


In 2003 the only large wind turbine in South Australia was in Coober Pedy. The Starfish Hill Wind Farm was then commissioned in September near Cape Jervis. 

2. SA gets its very first winery (177 years ago)


Oliver's Taranga has been reported to be the oldest official winery, established in 1841. Since then SA has been known for its thriving viticulture industry. Cheers to that!

3. SA gets its very first capital city (182 years ago)


Congratulations to SA for getting its first capital. Since then it's gone strength to strength, shaping it into the diverse and creative hub it currently is.