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Welcome To Mr G's Room; Chris Lilley Hints At Spin-Off

"Welcome to Mr G’s room, G’s room, G’s room! Welcome to Mr G’s room, come inside!"

A haunting refrain of an overly-invested drama teacher echoes in my mind, waiting to be released. 

Soon, dear child, soon.

What I'm trying to say is Chris Lilley recently answered questions on a Reddit AMA sesh, where one Summer Height's High fan asked whether he would ever do a spin-off of everyone's fav teacher, Mr G. 

“Yeah probs,” he replied casually. “They’ll all come back eventually.”

This doesn't really provide anymore clarity on whether something is in the pipeline, or actively working towards it. However, is doesn't sound out of the realm of possibility either. 

Lilley also eluded to his interest in doing a comedy tour in the future, but needed to figure out how to bring all his characters together to a live stage first. 

Sounds logistically tricky, but I have every faith he could pull it off. 

To see the full AMA discussion, click here!

Here are some Mr G highlights to get you through!