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Hallelujah! Caramilk Makes Permanent Comeback PLUS Comes In "Totally New Form"!


We've done it. Congratulations everyone. We've officially brought back Caramilk from the milky grave. 

It's fair to say, we're pretty proud of ourselves too. 

I first learnt of this via the Facebook group Caramilk Addicts Club, who posted a screenshot of Cadbury confirming the comeback, and also saying it's best to stock up now because they predict they'll run out by mid November.

BUT, and try not to freak out here, Caramilk is coming back in ANOTHER FORM!

Can you believe your eyes? 

I predict it may be this form...

So... this means I can now eat it straight out of the tub?! Also, for those who have restraint, you could potentially bake a CARAMILK CHEESECAKE! 

The options are endless.

This truly is a glorious time to be alive.