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Asteroid To Make "Close-Approach" With Earth This Afternoon

I always wondered how I would die. 

Fortunately it won't be by a meteor colliding with the earth. 

NASA predicts an asteroid as wide as three olympic swimming pools is expected to pass Earth this afternoon by no more than 60,000km/h.

Despite the huge size of this "near-earth object" making a "close-approach" it won't really be anywhere near us - it's 13 times further away from the Earth than the Moon.

In other words, this "close-approach" is not as close as one would be led to believe. 


This big space rock will be flying-by no closer than 5,105,776 kilometres and then peacefully passing on through the solar system. 

Breathe easy, earthling; we will live to see another day. 


Photo Source: Neale LaSalle, Pexels