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Elon Musk's Net Worth Took A Hit Moments After His "Bulletproof" Ute Did

Shattering news for the entrepreneur, Elon Musk, after his "bulletproof" pick-up truck/ute was found to be... well, not bulletproof. 

During his unveiling of Tesla's new fancy vehicle, the demonstration deviated from the plan. 

The original plan, I assume, was to show how strong and durable the new car is. 

They wanted to flex how bulletproof this car truly was.

Except it wasn't.

The follow up presentation was then a little awkward, with graphics behind the car displaying what they threw at it when it didn't break; nails, wrenches and "even literally the kitchen sink... and [the glass] didn't break." 

Welp. Someone is getting fired. 

At least Elon could see the funny side, commenting "that's okay, we'll just fix it in post." 

The market, however, did not see the humour in the demonstration and promptly sliced Musk's network by $1.1 billion. 


Let's pray the man's ego is not as fragile as the car, nor the market.