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Sir Elton John Kicks Of Aus Tour By Kicking Off At Security Guards

Sir Elton John has been doing the rounds around Australia, and last night in Perth, for his final show, he kicked off. 

What I mean to say is upon seeing security guards attempt to escort a fan out of the venue, he gave them a fair spray. 

Go off, sis!

He pretty much called them every name under the sun, whilst giving them a lesson in appropriate behaviour towards women. 

"You don't treat girls like that... morons!"

We stan a man that respects women. 

Plenty members of the crowd were cheering in agreement with the "Tiny Dancer" singer, however some of his fans didn't appreciate his potty mouth. 

Whether you agree with his language or not, one thing is definitely for sure; he sent himself out in the most Aussie way possible. Cursing everyone out, even dropping the c-bomb, and then absolutely nailing his live set. 

The man is more than a performer, he's the GOAT. 

Here's some footage, if you're in the mood for Sir Elton John saying cheeky things. Language warning - if you're sensitive to this stuff, best not play it. 

Photo source: Moose Photos, Pexels