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Gods Be Good: Caramilk Twirl Bars On Shelves 2020


Let's be honest, there has been some rubbish news for this very short period of the new year. 

Everything is either on fire or about to be. 

But, in the midst of this climate crisis and state of emergency, a bit of sweet news has arrived. 

Caramilk Twirl is not only hitting shelves 2020, it is also going to STAY THERE.

That's right, it's going to become a staple, just like the Crunchie, the Boost and every dads' favourite, the Cherry Ripe.

After the massive return of full-sized Caramilk blocks sending everyone and their mums absolutely bonkers back in October, Cadbury is now set to keep Caramilk Twirls. 

This is fabulous news for me as I keep buying an entire block and eating it in one sitting. This is a much more manageable solo snack, and will be in stores on an ongoing basis.

The fancy-ass Twirl bars were teased back in November, when leaked pictures of them emerged online.

I am generally against leaking photos, music or tv shows, out of respect for the artist or craft, but I gotta say I was very pleased that someone leaked the Caramilk Twirl photos. 

After keeping Caramilk-diehards on tenterhooks for a couple of weeks, Cadbury has indeed confirmed these chocs will drop in the new year in two sizes.

Here's hoping the Caramilk Twirls will be in choccy stockings in time for next year's Christmas.