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10 Fun Things To Do With Your Smart Speaker

smart speaker
You were given a smart speaker for your tech-savvy Kris Kringle. Great, now what?

Well you don't have to stand their, yelling aloud "Alexa..." or "Hey Google" and awkwardly pausing because you're really not sure what to command.

1. Listen to your favourite radio station

It goes without saying this is one of the best ways to use the smart speaker - to play audio! Wanna play some Magic 105.9 tunes in the background while you prep dinner or get ready to go out? Now you can! 

2. Order dinner

Maybe prepping dinner while listening to Magic 105.9 was a stretch - maybe you'd like to order it. Well plenty of places, like Dominos and KFC, have smart speaker capabilities. Now you don't even need to get out of bed to have a lazy Sunday. Bon Appetit!

3. Build your grocery list

Sometimes the worst part of cooking in buying the ingredients. Heaps of time spent searching, getting lost in the aisles, purchasing food you don't need purely because it's on special (which you end up throwing out later anyway!). This might actually save you time, money and your poor bin from copping produce you don't eat. Win, win, win. Woolies has Google assistant intergration so it's simple as!

4. Listen to the news

Why watch the news, when you can listen to it and get more tasks done. Look at you, you wonderfully efficient and knowledgable human. Gold star for you! Tune into Magic's news when you're not in your car!

5. Talk to people in other rooms of your house

No longer do you have to scream at the top of your lungs for someone in the other room, only to have the person yell back "Huh?!" We're leaving that in 2019. 2020 we talk to each other via our smart speakers. Rest those poor vocal cords of yours and simply speak to someone in another room via the smart speaker. You can even surprise them with a random voice message. How thoughtful of you!

7. Increase your joke repertoire 

Maybe that funny bone of yours is a little rusty? Bring it back to life by asking "Alexa/Google, tell me a joke!" No guarantees if you actually laugh though. 

8. Get outfit help

Would people describe your style as "person who walks through a tornado and lives to tell the tale"? Don't worry, Google and Alexa have got your covered. Which is impressive considering they're a smart speaker and do not have eyes. 

9. Learn how to spell

So this doesn't sound like a huge selling point, but how many times have you been asked how to spell something. If you're a teacher, or a parent (one in the same, really) this is the feature for you! Just say "OK Google/Alexa, spell diarrhea."

10. Set the radio as your alarm

There's nothing more anxiety inducing than that "radar" alarm that goes off on the iPhone. It just ruins your entire day before it starts. Instead, why not wake up with up? We'll be with you from the moment you brush your teeth, til you park your car at work. Set the tone and get in a good mood before work with your fav radio station.