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You've Been Eating Fish & Chips Wrong This Whole Time


A person's fish and chips theory has sparked some serious online outrage.

You would imagine everyone knows how to eat fish and chips.

As long as you don't miss your mouth, you know how to eat it, right?

Wrong, apparently!

If you’re one of the many people in this world who "eat" a deep fried fish with the batter, then it’s time to wake up, because according to this Twitter user it’s not for eating and only “protecting”.

Since the Guardian columnist shared this comment with her Twitter following it has been liked nearly 25,000 times with thousands of people weighing in on the man’s statement.

“It’s so bonkers and wrong it makes me wonder if he’s actually right and we’ve all, everyone, been doing it wrong,” one person asked.

“This person has been hurt by someone. Badly,” said another.


Apparently not everyone was against the method, and they revealed they've been doing it for a while!

“I don’t eat the batter, because I know the goodness is in the fish. I only eat a few chips too!” one woman said. “But then I’d prefer grilled or baked fish. Only eat deep fried on sufferance.”

What's next, throwing away the hard shell on M&Ms?!