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Newest Banksy Artwork Already Tagged Over


A Valentine’s Day gift to us from prolific street artist, Banksy, has already been vandalised by a tagger. 

Just in case you were wondering why we can't have nice things, this is the reason.

The piece (in its original form) shows a young girl slingshotting red flowers into an explosion of colour, like a firework, was spotted on the side of a house on Marsh Lane in Bristol over the weekend.

The artist then confirmed it was, indeed, their artwork by posting it on their Instagram account. 

Unlike The Veronicas this piece is not Untouched. 

For those wondering how long it takes to destroy a banksy artwork, it's two days. 

The tagger decided to plaster "BCC Wankers" across the artwork. 

Going out on a limb here, I believe "BCC" stands for "Bristol City Council" and not an incorrectly spelt "British Broadcasting Corporation". 

The family who live at the house have since decided to cover up the artwork, vandalism and all, in a bid to stop further damage.

All measures are temporary, and it's speculated the family are wishing to restore the artwork to its former (and quite frankly short lived) glory.