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Perfect Cheese Slice Hack The Answer To Our Block Cheese Prayers


Everyone is out here talking about blockchain but your girl Ez has got block cheese on the mind.

A winner for both the taste buds and the pocket, this economical block of dairy comes with one draw back; it is not pre-cut. 

You already know that, by the name, but this can seriously hamper cheese to toastie ratios. 

Also it can be an absolute pain if someone takes a slice and instead of evenly cutting it they decide to turn it into some sort of pyramid. 

Egregious and disrespectful.

One Mum has come up with a briliant idea though.

She has nailed the perfect slice of cheese using one unorthodox tool; a potato peeler. 

Now I am someone who is all about her potatoes, so suggesting something like this can be very risky. 

However it does sold the age old problem of uneven cheese so I'll give it my stamp of approval.

This came from the "Extreme Budget DIY & Life Hacks" Facebook page, which you have to request to join if you want their juicy, juicy tips. 

Apparently the Mum in question said of the tool, it creates “perfectly slim slices of cheese in a fraction of the time it takes me to use a knife.”

The post has since racked up more than 500 “likes” of approval from other members of the exclusive group, and they have all pledge their lives to trying it out themselves. 

I, for one, would like to welcome our new multitool overlord. 

There are whispers that you can also cut cheese with the same bit of wire you use to cleave your pottery clay from the wheel.

So far it has not been tested, but it is advised you don't wizz the cheese around on the wheel as it may cause slithers of cheese to fly through the air as you're cutting.