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Suite Baby Cheeses! The First Cheese Themed Hotel Suite Makes Debut


If you're lactose intolerant, you'll probably want to pass on this story. 

A world-first hotel room has opened in Merry Old England, in dedicated to the most sacred of foods; Cheese.

A hotel in London’s Camden district has created a room dedicated entirely to cheese.

They did not half-arse this either. They have cheese wallpaper, furniture, cushions, decor, bedding, utensils.

They even have cheese-scented soap!

God knows why you would want that, but if you do now you can have it!

Cafe Rouge, the company which commissioned the cheese-themed hotel suite, is famous for its cheese-heavy menu. 

Apparently they do a great fromage afternoon tea, if you're in the mood and happen to be overseas. 


The "Cafe" in question was running a competition to stay in the suite, which has been promised to return. 

I mean, of course it will, you don't spend that much on decor to turn everything into a big wheel of cheese and make you feel like a mouse, only to never have it open to the public.

I may not be an Instagram entrepreneur but I know that is not how you do business. 

What do you think - would you stay? It looks Gouda to me.