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The Year Of Cross-Overs, Hot Cross Bun Flavoured Popcorn Makes Debut


Someone called it a food-mash up, which is not the case. It is a cross-over. 

Hot Cross Buns x Popcorn. A fusion I never knew I had access to.

Does this mean that I want it? No, but it does mean that I could try it if I wanted to. 

Ah, the modern world. 

This popped corn looks to combine everything you get from your regular bag, except with the infusion of hot cross bun flavours (buttery buns, cinnamon and spiced fruit).

You might be thinking "surely this is too early for Easter-centric dishes." 

You'd be correct (in my booked) but Coles officially brought back its famous buns on December 26 2019. 

So, relative to this bold move, it's much later than you'd expect. 

Funnily enough, someone is already trying to flog it on ebay!

We really live in a society, huh.

So, what are you waiting for - go grab a bag and let me know how you fair!