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All Hail the Pig King?

No, that wasn't a typo. There is such a thing as the Pig King.

A whopper 940.2KG pig has been crowned 'Pig King' at a contest in south-west China.

The male pig's big win was celebrated in a massive parade following the challenge which was in celebration of the upcoming Chinese New Year, which just happens to be the Year of the Pig.

A group of 24 men carried the pig through a parade, which is no mean feat:


The 'Pig King' is also set to star in a an agriculture TV program that will be aired during the Chinese New Year period.

What a beauty!


The heaviest pig on Chinese record is from Liaoning province in east China. 'Ton Pig' weighed 895KG and measured 8ft 2in in length.

The largest pig ever recorded in human history was 'Big Bill' from Jackson, Tennessee, weighing in at more than 1156KG.