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One of the best battles in F1 we've ever seen

When it comes to Formula 1 people most of the time have no idea what is going on...
And that’s good reason, it’s a unique type of racing.


The cars are the using the best and newest engines and gear for the major motor company’s, and there are teams of professionals that devote their life to getting every ounce of power out of the machines.


The races are intently tactical, and that’s because they’re not super cars with a roll cage, they’re open top flimsy carbon fibre cars going in excess of 200km/h…a bump can send one carting off the road-and death is high in the sport.

So this battle between Massa and Kubica sums up why it can be unbelievably nail-biting-especially in the rain…in Japan. It’s the same track that Nicki Lauder (Arguably the best Ferrari driver of all time), went off the track and saw extensive burns to his face.
And this battle sums it up perfectly, both drivers known the rules, but are aware that if they bump the wrong edge of their opponents car, could be curtains for them.


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