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Russian man drives tank into shop to grab a cheeky bottle of wine; Da Russia

The land of Mother Russia, the land of real life Chuck Norris; Vladimir Putin himself; the land of endless swearing that always sounds like someone has just chocked and also is gurgling water at the same time, and the land of THE WORST DRIVERS ON THE PLANET.
You’ve seen the Russian dash cams, you’ve seen the random and almost hilarious nature of their driving now get ready for this.
A man has rammed an armored vehicle (THIS IS BASICALLY A VERY TEENSY TINY TANK) into a shop…to apparently…just get one bottle of wine.

russia 1.jpeg


The story goes that it’s somewhere in Northern Russia, and when you’re talking about Russia that’s a whole lot of Russia; and he’s pinched it from a nearby training ground (lol).
He’s then been driving it around after having a few too many wodkas, and crashed it into the store.
Onlookers then describe him as getting out and inspecting the damage, (which is pointless, you’re in a tank there is never any damage to your own vehicle), then shrugs his shoulders walks in to grab a bottle of wine.

russia 2.jpeg


So what’s the funniest part of this whole story??



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