Woman Bakes $4000 Diamond Ring into Cookie Dough and Accidentally Sells it!

April 16, 2024 9:05 am in by

In an unusual twist that sounds straight out of a sitcom, a Kansas bakery is on a treasure hunt after its owner, Dawn “Sis” Monroe, fears a $4,000 diamond from her engagement ring might just have taken a dip into a cookie batch. Monroe, who runs the popular Sis Sweets Cookies & Cafe, took to social media in a mix of distress and humour, announcing that her cherished diamond has gone MIA, possibly hiding in one of the many cookies they’ve recently sold.

“Bonus if you buy cookies today. My diamond is missing.” Monroe pleaded on the bakery’s page. For 36 years, she’s worn the ring without a hitch, but a day’s baking may have ended in a sparkling mishap. The lost gem could be nestled within chocolate chip, sugar, or even peanut butter treats, turning a snack break into a potential treasure hunt for the bakery’s patrons.

Despite the sparkle of panic, Monroe assures it’s all bittersweet laughter at the bakery, especially with her husband’s comforting words, “You still have me,” turning tears into chuckles. While the quest for the lost diamond continues, Monroe promises a deliciously rewarding twist—finders of the glittering gem will be showered with free cookies.

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