Flowers On Display To Highlight Rural Road Fatalities

September 12, 2023 5:27 pm in by
Photo Credit: Australian Road Safety Foundation

A powerful flower display sat outside the Royal Adelaide Hospital today, to acknowledge each and every life lost on SA roads last year.

Leaders and community members gathered to call for more focus and care on our roads, with the sixth annual Rural Road Safety Month highlighting some worrying statistics.

It follows a devastating surge in fatal crashes across the state and country this year, with over a quarter of South Australian drivers openly admitting in a survey to breaking road rules when travelling in country areas.

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Australian Road Safety Foundation survey results reveal six per cent of drivers admit to using their mobile while driving, six per cent admit to crossing double lines and forty per cent say they drive over the speed limit.

One in ten drivers say they also push through fatigue and continue to drive when they should take a break with one in 20 experiencing terrifying moments of microsleep.

ARSF Founder and CEO Russell White expressed deep concern over the findings, considering the tragic number of fatal road accidents already seen this year.

“As the road toll continues to rise across almost every state and territory, it is disheartening to discover that nearly one third of Australian drivers persist in taking unnecessary risks under the false assumption of safety, which may be a critical factor for why Australian roads are becoming deadlier,” Mr White said.