Heritage SA Develops ‘Heritage Standard’ Document for Burra, Mintaro and Moonta Mines

July 13, 2023 12:43 am in by
Photo by Peter Döpper:

Heritage South Australia has developed a draft ‘Heritage Standard’ document for each of the Burra, Mintaro and Moonta Mines State Heritage Areas and they want you to have your say.

Heritage South Australia use the standards when advising on development applications that may impact on the heritage values of a State Heritage Area.

These standards affect how development is undertaken, and therefore community groups, owners, lessees and others with an interest in the State Heritage Areas are invited to provide feedback.

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Members of the public can read the draft and have their say via the YourSAy website.

The consultation period is open until mid-August.

Community members are encouraged to talk to Heritage SA Staff in each town to learn more about the draft standards and ask questions.

More info here.