Port Augusta Scout Group Facing Critical Situation as Leadership Numbers Dwindle

August 23, 2023 12:58 am in by

The Port Augusta Scout Group is facing a critical situation as leadership numbers dwindle.

Despite offering a range of activities for ages five to 26, the group is on the brink of closure due to a scarcity of leaders.

Previously boasting around 90 children and 48 families, the group now struggles to recruit leaders and has had to limit its sections, even closing some.

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Group Leader Shelley Ellis has tirelessly pursued new leaders, utilizing social media campaigns and community events, but finding volunteers has proven challenging.

She attributed this difficulty to rising living costs and the increasing commitments of parents.

Ellis emphasized the rewarding nature of Scouts, highlighting its role in nurturing lifelong skills in children and encourages anyone interested in supporting the Port Augusta Scout Group to reach out.

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