Rex Airlines Says Whyalla-Adelaide Will Not Be Coming Back Any Time Soon

July 4, 2023 1:18 am in by

In a recent media release Rex has confirmed it will definitely not be resuming the Whyalla-Adelaide route that ended last week any time soon.

NSW Armidale Airport’s recent airport refurbishment was praised by the airline for establishing an alternative departure gate for unscreened departures of flights not requiring screening.

Rex says the ‘Whyalla Council foolishly wanted to curry favour with Qantas and refused to facilitate screened and unscreened departures and instead slugged Rex’s passengers with a security surcharge of about $40 to subsidise Qantas’

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Qantas is now the sole provider for the route and has added more flights to compensate for Rex stopping service.

Rex believes however that Qantas’ good will won’t last saying Whyalla community only needs to look at the other ports where Qantas is the sole airline operator and Whyalla should expect fare gouging, reduced service and high cancellations.

Rex airlines finished the release saying it had come to the conclusion the current Whyalla council has lost all credibility and that it couldn’t provide services in that environment.

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